Between Nipples and Champagne

It may sound strange but I spent some of the most entertaining nights of my young life in a Munich strip club called “Blackboxxx”. Of course, the response of most of my male readers will be “So what?” But normally, women find bars where naked women dance on tables not as stimulating. Why would I want to stare at other girls’ breasts if I have two of my own! Besides, most of these joints have a filthy reputation that will scare off female guest. The “Blackboxxx” is different. It is the place where Munich’s high society meets up after 4 am. It has become the city’s most legendary spot for after-parties and it is harder to get in than into the most famous Munich club “P1”.

Inside, it has the feel of a Hip Hop music video: dimmed lights, people in full-on party mood, half-naked girls and tables full of alcohol. When the best clubs in town empty, the party continues in “Blackboxxx’” VIP-area. Other guests cannot see what’s going on, as white curtains block their view. If you are not a regular, famous or have a lot of money, access is denied. Wannabe “Mr. Bigs” on the prowl for conquests are scared off by the 650 Euro they would have to pay for a bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne. That’s the minimum to create interest from the women they seek.

Besides, for that price, any lonely guy could get himself an upscale prostitute. With her, he would not be relegated to just look but not touch. So what is so special about this club? For sure, it’s the unique atmosphere. There is a vibe that makes you feel like everything goes. Mostly that’s due to the girls that work there. They are without a doubt the hottest chicks in town and their pole dance-skills are worthy of Cirque de Soleil artists. Usually, I don’t like women that are better looking then me but these are more than just stripper. They are rather “It-Girls” in this city. You meet them in some of the best clubs and at the most happening events. Everybody knows that it is their jobs to undress and somehow everybody accepts it. Like it is the case with Dita von Teese.

When I arrive at “Blackboxxx”, I get greeted with hugs from more naked women than Hugh Hefner in his best years. I usually sit at the bar and entertain myself by watching the crazy happening around me. My personal highlight is the presenter. Yes, there is a DJ who introduces the dancers like he is announcing the next Bumper Car-round at the Oktoberfest. “And now, here is our Jenny. Applause for Jenny please. Heeeere we goooo…” I have to laugh every time. And every time I sit there, the little small town girl in me feels very naughty but also very confident. It all feels a bit forbidden, because I am surrounded by nakedness. Everywhere I can see butts and breasts and I am in the middle of hit. Haha! Should I ever have a steady boyfriend again, he would be doomed if I catch him in here!!!